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BThermowells are created to provide standard designs to meet your engineering requirements, at a lower cost, with improved service.

In general, the thermowell material chosen for the installation is governed mainly by the corrosion conditions the well will face. The high polish given to all stainless and other wells provide maximum corrosion resistance. Occasionally, the material consideration is one of strength rather than corrosion resistance. For example, a stainless steel well may be required for high pressure water service instead of a brass well which would be satisfactory from a corrosion standpoint. Consult the pressure-temperature ratings for each well type.

Wells are also available in special grades of stainless steel, Chrome-molybdenum steel, Inconel600, Hastalloy B & C, Nickel, Titanium and Monel. Tantalum jackets are also available.

If you would like to see charts for Pressure-Temperature Ratings - LBS Per Sq. Inch, Please call and we can discuss or charts can be faxed to your location.

Our thermowells can be custom made, to fit your individual needs!

Certification of material is available upon request. Please specify when placing your order. Certified materials meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM).

Also available on "consult factory basis:" metaltags, hydrostatic test and dye penetrant test.

If you want the best certification of hydrometers, centrifuge tubes and thermometers for the best cost, you need to give us a call today!

We will match or beat any other qualified laboratory certification cost!

You'll be pleased with the considerable savings for you and your company.