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Rapid Flash Tester RT-1

Rapid Flash Tester RT-1

The Rapid Tester is a semiautomatic instrument for determining the flash point temperature / combustibility of flammable liquids. The Rapid Tester Closed cup tests temperatures from ambient to 572?F (300?C) which are automatically controlled by the set-a-temp adjustable digitally preset target temperature circuitry. On the Rapid Tester, Integral digital LCD display, NIST traceable thermometer, disposable fuel tank and electronic timer are standard.

In accordance with:
    ASTM D 3278 BS 3900 Part A14 ISO 3679
    ASTM D 3828 CPSC CFR 16-1500.43a ISO 3680
    ASTM D 4206 DOT CFR 49-173.115 OSHA 29CFR 1910-106
    BS 3900 Part A11 IATA Resolution 618 Attachment A OSHA
    29CFR 1910-1200
    BS 3900 Part A13 IP 303

Digital Accuracy
Achieve the high level of digital performance offered only by the Rapid Tester?. The Rapid Tester high contrast LCD display has 1/2" characters for ease of reading and is switch selectable between degrees Fahrenheit and Centigrade. A thermometer traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology is also included with the Rapid Tester.

Unique set-a-temp circuitry permits simple adjustment and precise automatic regulation of test temperatures. Depress the Preset switch while turning the Temperature Control knob until the target temperature is displayed. Release the switch and set -a-temp takes over! Test cup temperature is automatically shown on the digital Rapid Tester LCD display.

Fast Test-Small Sample
Test time is only one minute with a 2 ml sample for flash points below 212?F (100?C). You can run ten tests with the Rapid Tester? in the time that it takes to perform just one by other methods. The 2 ml/4 ml sample is a fraction of the large sample required by other flash point methods. This reduces sampling and disposal problems while improving safety.

Two Models
The Rapid Tester? Closed Cup Model RT-01 has a testing range from -22? to 572?F (-30? to 300?C). with a dual thermometer of 32/562F and 0/300C. Another thermometer can be purchased for testing ranges below 32F and it has a range of -36/105F. Open Cup Model RT -02 tests for flash point levels from ambient to 212?F (100?C).

Performance (RT-01)
0.5? @ 70?C 2.0? @ 150?C

2.0? @ 70?C 7.5? @ 150?C

Test Time:
1 min below 212?F
2 min above 212?F (100?C)

Physical Cup Type:
RT-01 Closed
RT-02 Open

Cup Material:
Aluminum (316 S/S optional)

15.0 x 3.4 x 6.3" (38.1 x 8.64 x 16.25cm)

LCD digital and NIST traceable mercury-in-glass thermometer

Net Weight:
10 lbs (4.6 Kg)
Power Requirements:
115/230V, 50/60 Hz

Sample Size: RT-01
2 ml below 212?F
4 ml above 212?F (100?C)

Sample Size RT-02
2 ml

Temperature Range:
RT-01 -22? to 572?F (-30? to 300?C)
RT-02 Ambient to 212?F (100?C)

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