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Oil Sample Heaters

Oil Sample Heaters

Oil sample heaters for preheating diluent and heating crude oil sample-diluent mixture prior to centrifuging. Available in both 12 volt DC and 115 volt AC. The 100 ml short cone models ar equipped with a hig-low switch for rapid heating and operator control of the sample temperature.


Clear Barrel Oil Thief
Model Description Voltage
100B028 4 place 12.5ml 12 vdc
100B029 2 place 100ml SC 12 vdc
100B030 4 place 12.5ml 115 vac
100B031 2 place 100ml SC 115 vac
100B032 2 place 100ml PS 12 vdc
100B033 2 place 100ml PS 115 vac


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