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Sampling and Testing Equipment

Bacon Bomb Sampler

Bacon Bomb for sample taking of liquid products at the bottome of intermediate points of a vessel.

Brass Flask Sampler

Brass Sampling Flask for obtaining samples at the bottom or intermediate levels of tanks.Weighted with lead. Weight 3 lbs. 3" x 14" high, 19" high with ball extended.

Glass Bottle Sampler

Glass Bottle Sampler Brass construction and designed to hold one quart Boston round bottle. Weight 3 lbs., 4 " x 11" high, 15" high with bail extended.

Butterfly Valve Oil Thief

The Robinson Oil Thief is a proven design in oil thieves. The valve closure assembly is on the inside of the barrel, which makes a more compact unit at the bottom, allowing the thief to pass through an opening as small as 5 inches in diameter. The bottom casting has four legs which makes the thief a stable hydrometer cylinder. 

Slide Valve Oil Thief

The Robinson Slide Valve designed thief is made in three models - clear barrel, brass barrel and aluminum barrel. All three models offer the following features: single trip action, full opening with slide valve closure, two adjustable springs, hanger on the top casting for hanging the thief on the tank hatch, adjustable graduated trip rod and hexagon shaped closure spring adjuster head for easier spring adjustment.

Quick Thief

The Robinson Quick Thief (100cc) is made entirely of brass. Machined to the highest quality, the top inlet opening is provided with a sure seal seat. Samples may be collected at intermediate levels by simply lowering the thief and snapping the wrist. Each thief is furnished with a 20-foot cord which is marked off in one foot intervals from the inlet opening. If ropes longer than 20' are required please specify.

Oil Thief Rope

Oil thief Rope Marked thief rope, made of ?" durable wax treated rope. The rope is marked every two feet with brass ferrules so that the depth of the thief can be easily discerned. Specify length.

Drain Valves for Oil Thief

Oil Thief Drain Valves for the Robinson Thief designed to be installed at any position of the thief barrel. The oil is drained by simply compressing the valve head with the thumb. Low Profile and Extended Profile available.

Oil Sample Heaters

Oil sample heaters for preheating diluent and heating crude oil sample-diluent mixture prior to centrifuging. Available in both 12 volt DC and 115 volt AC. The 100 ml short cone models ar equipped with a hig-low switch for rapid heating and operator control of the sample temperature.

Oil Thief Chain

Robinson Oil Thief Chain. Brass thief chain, complete with fittings. 

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