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What is a Thermister?

Thermister information and description.

Cooper Model TM99A Single Zone Electronic Thermometer

The Cooper TM99A is a Single Zone Electronic thermometer . This Cooper TM99A rugged lightweight electronic thermometer offers fast, accurate temperature readings due to its thermister-based technology and the Cooper TM99A includes a Model 1075 General Purpose Puncture probe and hard carrying/storage case.

Cooper Model SH66A Three Zone Thermometer

Cooper Model SH 66A Three Zone Thermister Multiple Temperature Instrument An ideal choice for measuring suction and liquid line temperatures simultaneously, temperatures across condensing coils, evaporator coils, as well as the ambient temperature, all at the same time!

Cooper Model 9315 Pover Calibrator

Cooper Model 9315 Prover Calibrator is a handy device that provides a standard against which to calibrate your Cooper-Atkins TM99A-UL, SH44A and SH66A thermistor based instruments. Learn how to adjust and calibrate your thermometer for ensured accuracy.

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Cooper Model FW2000 Electronic Thermometer

Cooper FW2000 Electronic Thermometer has a hard wired probe. It is waterproof with a temperature range of -100 to 500F and an accuracy of +/- 1.0F at -35 to 350F. It is field calibrateble with a 5 year warranty.

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Cooper Model FW2000MK Electronic Thermometer, Waterproof

Cooper FW2000MK Electronic Thermometer is a durable thermometer with a fast response, the FW2000MK is a wise choice with a temperature Range of -100? to 999?F (-73 to 537?C). This instrument is ergonomically designed, NSF certified, and is waterproof making it ideal for harsh, wet and steam filled enviornments.

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Clipboard Thermometer

The clip-board thermometer is the perfect combination for data collection. Use a Type K probe, purchased separately, to take the readings and note the information using the heavy duty plastic clip-board.
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