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Electronic Insertion Probe with Cord

Electronic Insertion Probe with Cord

The 1100 Series Insertion Probe is a tip-sensitive thermister-based probethat is designed to be inserted in liquid or thermowell for instantaneous readings of temperature when combined with the Electronic Temperature instruments Cooper TM99A-UL, Cooper SH44A or the Cooper SH66A. (See Electronic Thermos web page) The plug at the cord end is inserted in the jack of the temperature measurement instrument. The cord length and the probe length can be custom designed to meet your needs. The probe can be as long as 9 feet or as short as 2 inches and the cord length can be up to 1000 feet in length without affection the temperature reading accuracy. After the reading is taken, the probe is removed, cleaned and stored for the next use. The temperature readings are quick, accurate to within 0.1F, and the probe is simple to use. The probe is certified upon construction and the variation, if any, is noted on the label affixed to the body of the probe. Temperature range is -40F to 200F.

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