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Electronic Probe - Permanently Mounted

Electronic Probe - Permanently Mounted

The 8000 Series Electronic Probe is designed to be permanently mounted in a thermowell while the insertion probe is designed to be inserted in the well until a temperature is obtained and then withdrawn.  The fixed probe is, like the insertion probe, tip sensitive and thermister-based.  An extreme precision thermister is embedded in the tip.  After the probe is screwed into the thermowell, the cap on the body of the probe is removed exposing a jack.  A cord from the electronic thermometer is plugged into the jack and the temperature reading is nearly instantaneous since the tip of the well and probe are immersed in the liquid at all times and needs no time to adjust to the liquid temperature. An accurate temperature reading is obtained in seconds!

The Electronic Probe is ideal for use in pipeline themowell, tank thermowells and is an excellent choice for provers and prover tanks.  Where more than one temperature is necessary to acquire, this probe is an excellent choice.  Cords can be run from each probe to a centrally located temperature device and eliminates the need to obtain individual readings from glass thermometers inserted in each well.  This probe is an excellent choice for obtaining temperatures when used with the Cooper TM99A-UL, Cooper SH44A or the Cooper SH66A. (See Electronic Thermos web page) The Electronic Probe is accurate to within +/- 0.1F with a temperature range of -40F to 200F.  It is tested and certified when constructed and rarely needs replacement over years of service.  The saving in man-hours needed to read glass thermometers and the accuracy of electronics over visual readings makes this instrument pay for itself in a very short time. 

It is designed to be used with the Cooper TM99A-UL, Cooper SH44A or the Cooper SH66A Electronic Thermometer.  The Probe length and Cord length are built to your specifications dependent upon the depth of the thermowell in use and the distance necessary from the Electronic Thermometer to the well, respectively.

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