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Hydrometer Heaters, (gravity sample)

For low gravity oil where the hydrometer gravity test cannot be made without heating the oil sample. Four hydrometer heater models are available. Two models are water heated and two models are electrically heated. The water-heated models come in floor mounted or side mounted. The electrically heated models are floor mounted. The side-mounted model is drained from the bottom and requires no separate hydrometer cylinder. A drain valve is required. The floor mounted model requires a cylinder and is included as part of the unit.


Model Mounting Heating Source Size (inches) Weight (lbs)
403B112 Side Water 16x5 6
403B113 Floor Water 16x6 5
403B171 Floor 12 vdc 16x7 7
403B172 Floor 120 vdc 16x7 7
Replacement Cylinder
403B172 Replacement cylinder for floor mounted units. (Aluminum)


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