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Hydrometer Cases

Case, Hydrometer, Auxiliary

Catalog Number Capacity Size
403B086 Single 15"
403B087 Single 7.5"

For field storage of extra, spare or seldom used (certified) hydrometers. This case will protect the hydrometer for shock or rough handling. Construction of heavy wall PVC tubing, fully cushioned with a felt liner.

Case, Hydrometer, Three Place Flip Top

Catalog Number Description Capacity Size
403B088 Spring Loaded Hinge 3 16 x 4 x 2
403B089 Positive Tension Latch 3 16 x 4 x 2

For carrying three 15 inch hydrometers. It is made of plastic with separate compartments, for each compartment lined with felt. The lid has a 37-degree angle cut, which allows it to arc away from the hydrometers when open, thus preventing stem breakage. There are two models to choose from. One model has a spring loaded hinge that holds the lid open or closed under spring tension and the other model is equipped with a standard hinge and a positive tension-type latch which holds the lid securely closed until released.

Case, Hydrometer, Three Place

Catalog Number Capacity Size Weight
403B392 3 15 x 4 5/8 x 1 3/8 1 lb.

For carrying three 15 inch hydrometers. It is made of plastic with a stainless steel hinge and snap catch.
It offers the following features:

  1. Gives the operator full view of all three hydrometers to enable him to select the correct range hydrometer.
  2. Minimizes breakage of the stem when the hydrometers are being removed from the case.
  3. Minimizes breakage of the stem by eliminating the snap action of the lid if the hydrometer is not all the way in.
  4.  A push button lock.
  5.  The weight of the case prevents it from blowing off the top of the tank as they operator runs his tests.
  6. The operator no longer has to write the data on his cuff, and or notebook. The white 3" x 5" square on the top of the case allows the operator to write with a standard lead pencil test data that can be transferred to trip tickets and simply erased with a damp thumb.

Eight Place Hydrometer/Thermometer Case

Catalog Number Capacity

This hydrometer case is capable of holding 8 hydrometers and a thermometer or a combination of both in a protective foam environment. The thermometer is inserted in a protective tube to prevent breakage. The case is of a hard construction so that it is rugged and can be used under any conditions. Ideal for carrying a set of hydrometers and a test thermometer in trucks, helicopters, etc. Can be carried like a suitcase.

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